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3-Day Grand Canyon River Trip

A Very Nice Grand Canyon Rafting Trip, Well Run and Enjoyable.

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David W. - PA, USA | August 19, 2017

Grand Canyon Lower Jrig Tea

We enjoyed the rafting trip overall. The guides were professional, the meals were excellent, the raft was very comfortable and seemed well built, and the camping equipment was good. The 3 day trip did not have nearly as much white water as I expected. It is advertised as having less than the upper river, but I still feel a bit misled.

A couple of issues to improve from my perspective. First, the 3 day trip begins at the end of the 6 day up river trip. When we were picked up, we were asked to pack our bags into water proof bags that contained a sleeping bag and some other equipment. I assumed that the sleeping bag was for my use but later found out that it had been used by someone on the up river trip. From a hygiene perspective, this is really not good. To prevent transferring bed bugs and other pests from the up river guests to the down river guests, you should never put my equipment in contact with sleeping bags used by other guests. Second, although some effort was made with respect to hygiene, I believe that the hygiene practices need to improve. Having guests urinate upstream of where people are bathing and upstream of where kitchen equipment is being cleaned is really not good enough.

Now, keep in mind that I'm giving this trip 4 stars despite my comments in the preceding paragraph so you have done a lot of things well. But if you want 5 stars from me, you'll need to do better.

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