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6-7 Day Grand Canyon Vacation

Awesome Week in Grand Canyon!

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Judy . - CA, USA | September 25, 2017

Setting Sun Grand Canyon

We had an excellent time on the 7-day trip through the Grand Canyon. Everything about the trip was top-notch, from the wonderful, knowledgeable guides who told us all about the geology, history, plants and wildlife, etc., to the delicious, huge meals we were served 3x/day. I had wondered about whether I'd like a big pontoon raft vs. smaller oar boat and I was so glad we selected Western River Expeditions - the pace of the trip - getting to travel 180+ miles and still have time to stop and take hikes to beautiful waterfalls, petroglyphs, was perfect. The pontoons provided every level of excitement, as far as the seating arrangement went, from relaxing on the "princess pads" to riding the pontoons that gave you a thrilling ride through the rapids. I could not have asked for a better trip.

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