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Cataract Canyon 4-Day Trip

Disability Adds a New Level of Challenge – Cataract Canyon

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Keith . - ID, USA | September 27, 2017


I use a wheelchair and have been on many outdoor adventures including other segments of the Colorado River. The challenging terrain is something i am accustomed to, but what makes a trip fun or successful is the people. Sure i need help here and there. How that help is offered makes all the difference. One quick example. The "groover" was set up in a really difficult place for me to access. Two guides came to help me with access to the location, and after using it, they made certain the groover was moved to a better location. Getting everyone to see the bigger picture is not easy and it requires time and repeated exposure. I am happy i could help prepare the staff for the next adventurous person who has some sort of mobility issue. Sign up and GO!

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