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6-7 Day Grand Canyon Vacation

This Is a Grand Canyon Adventure

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Steve M. - Washington, USA | May 29, 2022

Sunset Grand Canyon

This is an adventure, relaxation is not high on the list, it’s work. You’re given a cot and sleeping bag, your guides prepare all your meals…just bring your clothes and personal items, some adult beverage, and have fun. You start to get up near 5 am, begin getting your shit together, and have some coffee and breakfast…it’s good. Pray for a bowel movement before castoff. Lug your gear down to the raft and help load all the other gear then cast off…oh, it’s time for your multiple cold showers. The canyon is beautiful and the rapids are cold but I did them and will never regret it.

Half the day is held on tight, the other half is the beautiful scenery and Geology 101. Lunch at midday is welcome, when beaching for camp it’s every man for himself to get a good level spot, catch your breath, unload the raft, and have that drink you really need. The food is good. I kid you not, basically, everyone is in bed by 8:30, and nobody is singing camp songs. Bring ibuprofen, plenty. On the last night a number of us got ill, a 24-hour thing but it made that last day uncomfortable. The crew was very helpful. Approaching that last day was ‘I need to get out of the canyon’, we were burned out, however, once I got to the hotel I started to think how much I liked everyone, how we all helped each other, and what a great experience it was. It’s pretty much you and the elements and honestly dealing with your companions. I gave four stars probably because the last 24 hours were misery for me, likely an unusual event.

Never thought I’d say this, but if I was asked by friends in the future to go I would consider it, that says a lot. I always wanted to do this and am so glad I did. As a group, we loved our crew, tough as nails. They provided the leadership, we were all smart enough to listen. Two recommendations, if you drink do not bring beer. Something about the constant motion of the boat ruins it in my opinion, bring distilled spirits. Also, depending on your footwear make sure you put sunblock on your feet.

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