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3-Day Grand Canyon River Trip

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Victor R . - Florida, United states | August 8, 2020


I am writing to Western River Expeditions to let you know some details of our Grand Canyon raftig trip that was from August 3 to August 5, 2020.

1 - As you probably know, my son, my wife and I were the only Latinos (born and raised in Cuba) in the group, but the truth must be told, we never felt any difference, this is a victory for Western River Expeditions for knowing how to build a team and a family. We were a family for 3 days, and who knows, maybe for life. It is incredible how in experiences like this the kindness and goodness of the human being emerges.

2 - You have created a unique experience, extremely well organized and beautiful from start to finish with every detail well planned and thought out to maintain teamwork (family work) and satisfy the people who venture on the expedition.

3 - I must be fair, if everything said above was achieved and it worked like a Swiss watch it was thanks to Newty and Wiley. They made a great couple, not only as experienced guides, but they are also a fantastic musical duo.

4 - God bless you, especially Newty's little boy.

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