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Rogue River Lodge to Lodge Rafting Trip

Magnificent Rafting Trip

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Charlotte . - Georgia, United States | August 2, 2020

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Our Rogue River rafting trip was spectacular! This was my third trip with Western River. This float trip differs because you stay in lodges at night and you can choose a different type of boat each day. You can kayak, paddle in a raft, or just relax and take in the beauty of your surroundings. The rapids on the Rogue are smaller than the Grand Canyon or Cataract Canyon making this trip a wise pick for kids or for older adults.

Our superb river guides and the staff at the lodges were very aware of social distancing. A rafting trip in the great outdoors is a smart vacation choice in this crazy year. It was a real treat to get away, get unplugged for a couple of days and to have some fun!

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