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Cataract Canyon 4-Day Trip

Cataract Canyon Rafting Was Overall It Was a Great Experience.

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Kedzie . - IL, USA | June 5, 2017

Cataract Canyon Express Little Niagara

I thought that overall the trip was awesome. In regards to the trip leaders, they were really great with the technical part of the trip. They explained all of the safety procedures well and the food was great. However, there was definitely room for improvement. On trips like this, my dad and I think getting to know the leaders is a fun part of the trip. But every time either of us approached them, they seemed annoyed. When we did ask a question, the response was usually sarcastic. As an example, a few people asked how deep the river was to which Ben replied, "Twice as deep as it is halfway down." Also some of the conversations that were overheard were a little inappropriate. I was waiting in line for breakfast with my dad and the group was talking about how Taylor and Drew had hooked up the night before, which was a little embarrassing to listen to while I was next to my dad. The guides would also bring snacks and sodas just for them, which is totally fine and expected, but they would make it very public. Instead of snacking after hours on the boat, they would bring sodas to meals and eat snacks during the day on the boat. As a group, the guides were very condescending when giving directions. I am sorry to have so many complaints, but I was just a little taken aback that four people who had worked this job for 4-6 years were so unprofessional.

As a side note, I think Drew was the best at her job. She would often talk to our group on the boat while the other three would stay by the motor and talk amongst themselves.

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