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6-7 Day Grand Canyon Vacation

Rivers & Rams

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Sondra J. - Arizona, United States | June 24, 2021

Scenic Grand Canyon

While setting up for lunch one day several of us guests were still off loading from the boats when we hear the guides yelling down at us from up on the embankment.

We look up and they are pointing frantically upriver. Only then did it finally register what they were saying. "GET ON THE BOAT!, GET ON THE BOAT!" Over the noise of the river I could just barely hear it....the unmistakable sound of hoofs thundering across the rocks. Bursting into sight from the bushes comes a charging ram, and he isn't looking none to happy that we are there. In a split second he was gone out of sight...but not before one of the guests snapped a picture of him mid leap.

Note: It is kinda hard to get on the boat from the side when you are only 5 feet tall. Handy to have your husband of over 6 feet behind you to "help" toss you halfway across the pontoons.

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