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Cataract Canyon 4-Day Trip

Taming the Cataracts

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Daryl . - CO, USA | July 17, 2019

Cataract Canyon Dylan

First if you don’t want to read further, JUST GO! You won’t regret it. This was a high water season. We went in Mid July and the water was still north of 20,000 CFS so we were in the larger J boats, which was fine with us. This was a family trip for us including my wife, sister and her husband, and my brother, all over 65. The Cataract Canyon trip was 4 days, 3 nights. So that’s the background.

We had wonderful knowledgeable guides led by Alaura. She was teamed with other very experienced guides, Derek, Dillon, and Aimee, all very capable of leading the trip. They were hard working, organized, fun, focused on our well being, and most importantly safety conscious. They were confident and made us feel confident. They prepared us well for the entire trip and each day’s adventure.

The Cataract Canyon trip starts with a leisurely float down the Colorado River, and getting acquainted with our group and guides. All great people from different walks of life and full of great stories. Stops for lunch and dinner along the way. Second day stated the same way, but ended with a few “small rapids” which ended the day on an exciting note. Day 3 was worth the price of admission. It was rapids day! Including the famous Drops 1,2 & 3. We were all nervous but prepared, thanks to our guides. There was plenty of rapids before our “Drops” experience and plenty after, but the Drops were the focus. Needless to say it was the highlight of an already exciting rapids day. We all survived with plenty of whoops and hollers! Amazing ride with high fives all around when done. Day 4 was another easy day to our pull out. But we had one more adventure ahead, the flight back to Moab. Yep there were 5 small planes on an isolated narrow strip awaiting to take us back. It was a strip on a high plateau and staring at a shear rock face if we didn’t make the left turn. Of course we made that turn and headed up the Colorado River with a different perspective on the terrain and river.

Wow, what an adventure never to be forgotten.

Now for the food on the trip. I would expect cereal or oakmeal mornings, snacks for lunch and a packaged something for dinner. WRONG! Full on cooked breakfast, including in no particular order or day, eggs, bacon, sausage, French toast, and always fruit. Coffee, orange juice and hot water for tea or hot chocolate awaited us every morning. Lunch was just as prepared especially, with unique meals. Dinner again was well prepared with one meal cooked to order. We had chicken and sides including a salad, salmon again with sides and salad, then steak made to order with all the fixin’s. So think about this, the guides had to know their job, know the River, keep us informed and entertained then set up, cook and breakdown breakfast, lunch and dinner everyday: seriously? And they did all this with professionalism, and humor.

Campsites each night were wonderful, considering we’re on the banks of a mighty river. We each got a chair, cot, sleeping bags, and a two person tent, all easy to put up. They gave us dry bags for our gear and dry day bags if needed during the day. We all shared in unloading and loading the boats with our gear. It was fun and easy.

If you read this far, then you’re looking into booking this trip. Again JUST DO IT! Amazing adventure, memories and friendships made. Thanks you Western River Expeditions!

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