double clickThe best adventure vacation we have ever taken!
6-7 Day Grand Canyon Vacation

Grand Canyon Rafting-best Adventure Vacation We've Ever Taken!

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Frank and Robin M. - MD, USA | September 24, 2019

Grand Canyon Waterfall

From the bus to Boulder City, the flight to Marble Canyon, the seven days of pure peace, calm and adrenaline rushes, outstanding guides, excellent food, sleeping on a cot under the star- and moon-lit evenings, the wonderful camaraderie, breathtaking helicopter flight, and to finally the flight back to Boulder City -- Top-notch service!

This is a time in your life which you will look back on as one of your very special memories! I can not wait to do it again!
Don't let anything stop you; money, fear, time. Nothing! Robin did this trip and has a pretty strong fear of deep (more than she can stand up in) water. And she loved it!
Thanks to a great team of guides and a professionally run outfit!!!

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