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6-7 Day Grand Canyon Vacation

Western River Guides Made a Challenging Experience the Most Rewarding Experience of Our Lives

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Andrea . - MS, United States | August 8, 2020

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We had reserved this Grand Canyon rafting trip for 2021 but due to Covid-19 our travel plans changed (not able to travel abroad) and we were able to take advantage of a 2020 opening. From the very beginning, Western River Expeditions was more than accommodating in understanding our needs.

Finally launch day arrived and from the very first moment we knew this was going to be an amazing trip. One we will remember and continue to share with family and friends forever.

RD, Mark, McKay and Lou were the best guides we could have hoped for (my husband secretly wanted a girl because he thinks they are more attentive and Lou delivered as he expected.) Our fellow travelers were all awesome and we all bonded in a way we never expected.

We hope to take this journey again with our children and grandchildren some day. Thank you, Western River for such a special experience.

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