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Tons of Fun

| July 31, 2021

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From day one we knew it would be lots of work. All of the equipment on the rafts, and there are lots, has to be loaded and unloaded by the rafters but it has to be done!! It’s a very efficient system and doesn’t take long.

The rapids are incredible and the crew could not be more helpful. Bring rain gear to wear on the raft because the water is ice cold!! Rain gear on the river will make for a much comfier trip! I opted to sleep under the stars instead of a tent to watch the stars at night. Beautiful! Your clothes will be stained by the water which is murky. Plan accordingly.

The waterfalls are breathtaking and playing in them was a highlight of our trip! The crew has our safety in mind and will always help with no matter the chore! Oh my gosh, the food is amazing and the bathrooms suck. Lol! But overall very doable and the crew takes care of all the maintenance.

We were never hungry and there is ample water and lemonade to drink. This was an amazing journey!!! Bring walking shoes as you will hike up to the falls… I wore sandals the entire time and they were a godsend NOT flip-flops. Western River is a first-class operation!!! Pack light!!!

6-7 Day Grand Canyon Vacation
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