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4-Day Grand Canyon Tour

Grand Canyon Rafting – Totally Amazing!

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Jeannie . - KS, USA | August 9, 2019

All Smiles Floating in Grand Canyon

I went into this Grand Canyon Rafting trip with much apprehension but quickly learned that I wasn't going to fall off the raft or freeze in the cold fact the water was a welcome blast to escape the extreme heat! The guides...Ben, Andy, Kelly and Steph...were very knowledgable and experienced, always offered a smile and a helping hand. Meals were a delight, still wonder how they prepared such things as shrimp cocktail! We started this trip with a raft of strangers but quickly became a family of adventurers. Seeing the canyon from the river gave a totally new meaning to the word "Grand"! I'm so grateful for the opportunity to experience this gift of Mother Earth and will be even more determined to help preserve her natural bounty.

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