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6-7 Day Grand Canyon Vacation

Transformational. One of the Great Experiences of My Life.

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Albert C. - California, United States | September 24, 2021

Wre Grand 6 7 Day 1

I have been to the Grand Canyon several times, once down to Havasu Falls, but never on the river. The perspective is so different, so spectacular, so immersive-there is simply no comparison. One of the many highlights was the black volcanic rock, polished to a bright, smooth finish by the water, standing in sharp contrast to the bright red sedimentary rock. Breathtaking.

But one of the greatest features of the trip was the crew-our trip leader Justin was so knowledgeable, so skillful in his handling of the raft, and so entertaining with his human interest stories of the adventurers who first explored the river-I was very impressed and grateful to have him on board. One of the great experiences of my life.


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