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Lee's Ferry 360° Photo Sphere in Tiny Planet View

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Imagine you're staring at an electronic device... okay good!

Now imagine you are surrounded by the Grand Canyon...or Cataract Canyon... or Desolation Canyon...

If it's hard to do, then you may be suffering from symptoms of Nature Deficit Disorder - it's simply been too long since you immersed yourself in wild places. We can help!

Long Term Fix: There's nothing like the real thing. You'll just have to book a trip for this summer! If you have already, good thinking! Share this remedy with anyone you know that needs more teeter in their totter. We're talking about literally surrounding yourself with nature and wild places. Field tests have proven that there are life-long benefits associated with this kind of treatment. It's that good!

Short Term Fix: To alleviate the effects of Nature Deficit Disorder during the long winter months when we are away from the river and Canyons we love, we have developed "360 Degree Virtual Nature Teleportation Portals". Some call them "Magic Rectangles". There are more than a dozen views to peek at in each trip. Use your computer mouse or tablet finger device to literally "look around" the canyons. It's pretty amazing.

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As it Is - Documentary Trailer

A Grand Canyon VR Documentary aimed at giving the public a view of plans that could threaten the views inside Grand Canyon forever.

Use your mouse (or finger on touch devices) to swipe left or right, up and down to view the 360 video. Some hand-held devices even allow you to move the device to change the view.

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Learn More About the Trips in the 360° Gallery

Grand Canyon 6-7 Day »

Grand Canyon Upper Castles

This seven day expedition travels 188 miles from Lee's Ferry to Whitmore Wash where you'll exit the canyon by helicopter. Discover spectacular grand scenery from one location to the next, and a multitude of waterfalls and side-canyon hikes that continue to stun visitors with their beauty. More than 60 large rapids on the Colorado River keep this trip exciting at every turn.

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Grand Canyon 3 Day »

Grand Canyon Lower Highwalls

From the helicopter into the canyon, to the waterfalls of Travertine Grotto, the lower portion of the Grand Canyon continues to impress. Whitewater is a bit more tame than in the upper 6 or 7 day canyon, but provide plenty of thrills and fun. Astounding scenery will leave you breathless as you journey 100 miles of the Colorado River.

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Cataract Canyon, Utah 2 or 4 Day »

Cataract Canyon Couple Sitting

Often mistaken in photographs as the Grand Canyon, Cataract Canyon in Utah carves through the heart of Canyonlands National Park. In high water flows, typically in the spring and early summer, the rapids in Cataract Canyon rival and arguably even eclipse the size of those found in the Grand Canyon. Start your adventure in the world famous town of Moab, Utah.

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Desolation Canyon, Utah 5 Day »

Desolation Canyon Utah Rafting Nefertiti Couple

Desolation Canyon is a majestic beauty in the eastern cliffs of Utah, and the perfect trip for those looking to get a little more intimate with the water in an inflatable kayak or oar-rig. The water is typically warmer, rapids are more friendly, and big sandy beaches offer the perfect environment for playing and camping. Journey nearly 90 miles on this once-in-a-lifetime adventure.

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