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All inclusive amenities on the river

All-Inclusive Adventure Vacations with Western

While the phrase "all-inclusive" has come to mean many things in the travel industry, the original premise has always held true on a river rafting trip: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner and beverages and other snacks, your lodging and/or camping accommodations and even your entertainment and travel logistics are simply part of your all-inclusive-adventure-vacation with Western River.

Keep reading to be clear on the expectations of what is included, what is not included, and why. We expect you'll agree with our standards of what makes a Western River Expedition one of the best all-inclusive adventure vacations.

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Meals & Dining »

On nearly every trip, you will have meals provided at all meal times between your departure and return, whether on the river or in a motor coach in transit to or from the river.

A few travel packages in Moab, Utah and Costa Rica allow flexibility in meals on your own so you can explore local cuisine.

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Equipment & Gear »

Much has been said elsewhere about the advantage of going with an outfitter that believes in having quality equipment and gear for both guides and guests. But it is a vital part of the all-inclusive adventure vacation. Western provides everything you need - even for first time camping experiences, so that all you need is your own personal duffel bag. We even provide an easy way for you to get the personal gear you would most likely need and want on an adventure vacation with us!

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Extra Activities & Entertainment »

A river trip is remarkably straightforward. That is part of what makes a river rafting trip so relaxing. Your focus can be narrowed to just one or two tasks: hold on tight, drink lots of water, and eat or sleep when time comes. Oh, and of course there are hikes in the daytime, swimming in a waterfall oasis, impromptu live music performances... the list goes on. Point is, you don't have to even think about whether it's "included," you just get to enjoy that it's right there in front of you!

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Transportation »

Each trip has different logistics to get you from the starting point and back again, from helicopters to jet boats and ground shuttles to and from the river. These are all included. You simply have to get yourself to the meeting location. If you'd like to meet in a different location that you find more convenient, services may be available for an additional charge.

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Travel Logistics & Guides »

Guides work hard to make your personal experience the best it can be, so remember to tip them personally. We feel gratuities should not be included in your trip price for that very reason. Details about gratuities are included on the packing list for each trip. But the point is, you can relax, and will not need to constantly be opening your wallet for every service rendered along the way.