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“24 Years Old And A Bucket List… Ha!” – Grand Canyon 4 Day Trip

Ginny:  “Why do you take so many pictures?”

Me: “Well, 2 years ago I lost everything I had including 22 years of pictures and videos. So instead of spending my time buying material things, I spend it making new memories and taking photos to make up for all that I lost. Plus, I like to take photos of my success with crossing off my Bucket List.”

Ginny:  “24 years old and a Bucket List… ha!”

These were one of those photos I get to look back on and say, “I experienced that.”  Whether you take this trip with your loved one, with your kids, or just yourself, I promise an unforgettable experience.

It’s a trip meant for reflection and wonder. My memories include sleeping under the stars, singing a beautiful duet with a young cowboy, riding the whitewater rapids, climbing the rocks, and discovering new people and learning about their thoughts in life.  A new perspective and a hope to continue to see the beauty of the world as it keeps me in awe.

Noelle – New York


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