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4 Day trip Colorado River Cataract Canyon (1980’s?)

Cataract Canyon

Excitement in the rapids, beauty in the scenery, and tranquility in the camp.

I have always loved the water and thought that going on a 4 day rafting trip would be fun. I went on the trip with my sister-in-law. The reception from Western Expedition personnel was fabulous from the moment went got to the hotel. Our trip to the starting point was fun and when we arrived we had some repacking to do.

It was nice to start the trip at a slower pace. The rapids were thrilling; my spot for this adventure was in the front of the pontoon. The boatman did a great job navigating the rapids. I really loved not having to fix the meals (first time not); my only job was to wash the utensils and keep track of my yellow cup (which I still have). The trip was exciting, relaxing and the scenery was beautiful.

Each of our boats (3) were told that on the last night they would have to do a skit. Our boat was the only one that wrote and presented our own song. I know that I still have it but wasn’t able to find it today. That trip was the best vacation I ever had. I ‘m planning on going on a 6 day Grand Canyon trip this year and taking my son and daughter-in-law with me.

Sandra Sabin

1980’s Era? Cataract Canyon Rafting Trip 

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