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50 years of River Rafting Adventure – Western River Expeditions

hornIt’s been said that true merit is like a river; the deeper it is, the less noise it makes.  But a river that doesn’t make noise sounds about as fun as… well, a river that doesn’t make any noise! 

So just like the conch shell announcing the tasty hors D’ oeuvres we serve at camp, we thought we’d serve up some tasty history and interesting stories from the last 50 years of river rafting adventure that make us who we are as a company today–even if we’re accused of tooting our own horn on our own 50th birthday.

A few of these stories are hair-raising, others insightful to the early days of river-running, and still others simply entertaining.  But almost none of them would help sell a trip — at least that’s our guess!  We share them mostly because we think they are interesting stories…  And a river guide (and outfitter) without a good story is as useless as a good lie without anyone to tell it to.

Stay tuned in the coming weeks and months for an occasional "tale spin" as we get our stories straight.  Let us know if you like our historical hors D’ oeuvres… and maybe, if you get an itch to live out your own river rafting adventure, you’ll know where to scratch.

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