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6 Day Grand Canyon Whitewater Rafting Trip Inspired Me To Start Living Again.

At 64, I was feeling like my adventure vacations were over.  On my bucket list was white water rafting and seeing the Grand Canyon.

While researching on the internet I found Western River Expeditions.  I called and asked if they charged more for a solo and found out that they don’t.  So after 2 weeks of hesitation and my friends telling me I was nuts, I hit the button to go.

It is impossible to describe this rafting trip on the Colorado River to anyone who has never done it.  It changed me in a positive way.  Little things that bugged me are no longer important.  I have started living my life more fully and am now researching another adventure vacation.  Maybe with Western River again.

I did things on my trip I never thought I ever could do. If I win I will definitely do the Grand Canyon 7 day trip.

Nina Panama City Beach, Florida


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