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9 Rafting Videos That Will Convince You to go Down River

These are the videos I live off of in the off season. They inspire me to be live and grow and do what I love and they always will help me come back to the river and my own important places. These videos show that the river is for everyone, adventure is out there and it’s our time to go out there and find it!

Fair warning, these will bring the saltiest tear to your eye and an ache in your heart that will tell you it’s time to move, to go on and find your places and your happiness and live.

9. 62 Years (9:00)- The Story of Ken Brower’s Revisit to the Yampa & Green Rivers to reflect on his father’s work, their 1952 river trip, and how we will address the looming water crisis in the American West.

“If people don’t know about a place, and if people don’t learn to care about it, to write their Congressmen about it, and love it, then it’s gone. Because the extractive industries will get it.”

The more you know about these incredible places, the more time you spend in the wild, the more you will realize how desperately they need to be protected. This video always gets me amped to be more involved and to go down stream!

8. What You Take Away: A Colorado River Reflection (6:42)- A video about teens, scientists and guides going down the Colorado River to extract data and joy.

“Sure, it would be cool if you knew exactly what you were going to do, but there is no adventure in that.”

This video gives me a lot of hope. The river is for everyone. It is just for some, the more we experience these things, learn about our environments the better we can thrive and seek for new adventures.

7. Miracles (2:27)- An Inspiring Video Set to Walt Whitman’s Poem: Miracles “The Miracles are There”

This video is a quick reminder of the beauty that is not only around us on the river but in life. The better we are at seeing it, the more joy we will feel as we walk and row through this world.

6. Counter Balance (6:09)- a short film about giving back to the brave men & women of our military. “They are reminded of who they were before they went away”, “Any steps forward are better than steps back.”

This video hits close to home, not because I have endured anything like the brave men and women who have fought for our country but because I know how a trip down the river can truly heal us. I have experienced the hope that comes after days on the water and that is something I always want to get back to.

5. Martin’s Boat (22:37)- an inspiring video honoring the late Martin Litton. “There is a mystic thing about a Dory, there is a Soul about it”

The Man, the Myth, The Legend. Learning about the river runners that have come before us leaves me in an awe and a reverence for the adventure and abandonment they have shown for what they are most passionate about! Going down river means you are now connected to everyone that has come before you and saw the beauty you will see and experienced the joy you surely will as well.

4. The Time Travelers (23:11)- The USA rafting team attempting to break a legendary speed record down 277 miles of the Colorado River through the Grand Canyon. Their goal was 34 hours.
“It’s not about being the fastest. It’s all about doing the thing. It’s about what went into this. It’s about strength of character.”

This video is inspiring and noteworthy for so many reasons. It a daring story of adventure, determination, athleticism and dreaming/accomplishing BIG! All the things that keep me coming back every season!

3. Western’s Desolation Canyon (5:00)- A video explaining how Desolation is perfect for everyone!“The River really is about family”

Alright, I might be biased here but Desolation Canyon really is the greatest place on Earth. Everything I say in the video, I truly mean. Skip Disneyland or a Cruise. Get on the river. I promise you won’t regret it.

A perfect trip for families- Desolation Canyon

DESOLATION CANYON Winding through a remarkable wilderness of twisted mountains, dramatic cliffs, and towering plateaus carved by an ancient inland sea, the Desolation Canyon Green River rafting trip is a journey for the ages. A spectacular scenic flight from Moab, Utah lands you atop a dramatic desert plateau where your Utah rafting adventure begins. You'll surrender your senses to nature as you're enveloped by 40 million years of geologic history.Explore Utah's famous outlaw hideouts, ancient dinosaur habitats, and Fremont Native American petroglyphs. Discover the thrill of Green River whitewater. More moderate rapids on this section of the Green River allow you to experience paddling a 2-person inflatable kayak or relax in an oar boat while Western's guides take you down river. Comfortable summer water temperatures and over 60 fun-filled rapids make this Desolation Canyon trip the ideal getaway for your next adventure.To learn more:

Posted by Western River Expeditions on Thursday, October 12, 2017

2. In Current (5:11)- The story of Amber Shannon learning the trade to get a Dory on the Grand Canyon, “I want to spend as many days as possible in current.”

This video fills me. It’s possible I’ve watched it 20+ times but who’s to say? It’s about courage, conviction and going after what you want. Even if that means being on a baggage boat for a few years.

1. The Important Places (9:45)- This is the beautiful story of Forrest Woodward taking is father back to his Important Place: The Grand Canyon. “Grand is not a descriptive enough word to describe the country we are in”, “The things that bring Joy to my life, have been with me a long time. As I’ve gotten older, sometimes it is difficult to do all of the things that I did back then but so far, it has been just a thrill. And there is a hell of a lot more to learn down river”.

I could quote this entire video and have watched it countless time. In twenty years, this is what will matter. What adventures did we have and what did we share about those adventures with the ones we love most. I hope you find your important places and that you go back time and time again. The River is my place and I bet it could be yours too.

Abi Scoma

My name is Abi! I've been with Western for 4 years and guiding for 3. I was raised in California and moved to Utah as a teenager, it took me a while to love it but now I can't imagine living anywhere else. I love rafting, climbing and seeing the world. I spend my winters working in a treatment center for teenage boys. I absolutely love my winter life but I think I'll always obey the call to the great outdoors and will always find my way back to the river!

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