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A Grand Adventure – Rafting the Grand Canyon

Grand Canyon Adventure!

Family fun takes on new meaning when you book a trip with Western River Adventures. Our dream began several years ago when my boyfriend, Dan and I took a trip to Vegas and side trip to the rim of the Grand Canyon. My boyfriend isn't fond of heights and commented that he would like to see the canyon from down inside. I have always wanted to do a white water rafting trip so I thought why not combine the two!

After much research I came up with something we could afford that would also include our kids. Between the two of us we have 6 adult children ages 19-25. Finding vacation time together is so difficult with all of them. We planned this trip for over a year. We opened it up to other family members. Dan's brother-in-law, Kevin was in immediately, so he and Dan's sister, Susan and their son, Kelly joined us. We had our own raft for the trip and the memories will last a lifetime.

Everyone was without electronics for 3 whole days and we bonded together as an extended family. The first night we endured a sandstorm and one of my kids also got heatstroke and hated me for bringing him. This picture was taken on the second day of our trip. We had just jumped off Pumpkin Spring and hiked up to this waterfall. The water was warm and washed away all the sand that was lodged everywhere on our bodies. The kids all climbed up the waterfall to the top. Everyone was smiling and enjoying themselves, yes, even my son who had wanted to go home. You can see the joy on our faces. Do yourself a favor and create a memory…take your own Grand Adventure!

Rafting the Grand Canyon – 3 Day Trip

Beth – Michigan

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