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A Special Wedding Anniversary…Grand Canyon Vacations

We – my wife and I – are particularly looking forward to our vacation this summer.  We are booked on a three-day Grand Canyon trip and the middle day is our 25th wedding anniversary. It has been a long way coming, but this was a successful surprise for my wife on our last anniversary. 🙂

What we’re particularly looking forward to is getting down to the bottom of the Grand Canyon and seeing it from the perspective from the Colorado River. Our original plans were to walk down and spend a night, but that fell out as we couldn’t get reservations at the Ghost Ranch for our 25th wedding anniversary. We’d have loved to have done that – I did the walk down and back in a single day when I was all of 15, and my wife has trekked in Nepal, India and South America – but this has the potential of being even more awesome that that. 🙂

John F. Opie – Germany
Arizona – Grand Canyon 3 Day Trip

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Various guests of Western River took the time to share their thoughts with us both before and after their journey.

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