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Father and Son Bonding on the Adventure of a Lifetime – Grand Canyon Vacations

From late April to early May of 2014, my dad brought me on what was to be the adventure of a lifetime. It was a great chance for my dad and I to bond since we don’t see each other that often. I am glad that he brought me on the adventure in which I was able to experience the fun, knowledge and sights of the Grand Canyon first hand. It was the adventure of a lifetime and I don’t believe I will be forgetting it anytime soon.

The Grand Canyon, even though remote from modern conveniences, is quite an amazing and fun place to visit. Their are so many different sights and activities that I was able to participate in while in the Grand Canyon, the 3 most outstanding of which were, Hiking up into Deer Creek, white water rafting Big Horn, and flying out of the Grand Canyon.  Hiking up Deer Creek was amazing, it got my blood pumping as I scaled the sun bathed mountain side, and got my adrenaline rushing as I walked alongside a 150 foot gorge which led off into a beautiful waterfall surrounded by vegetation, but the true beauty of it was at the end of the gorge which opened up into what some call an oasis in the desert. Only being 13 and not being much of an outside kid, I hadn’t realized the true beauty of nature until Deer Creek. Rafting Big Horn was also exciting even though it wasn’t listed as a high rated rapid area, our J-Rig was hit with a big waves at just the right time which lead to what I would call a roller-coaster on steroids. Lastly was my ride out of the canyon in which luckily, I had the chance to ride shotgun in a helicopter as we traversed out of the canyon and to the Bar-10 Ranch which was packed with memorabilia, real hot showers, and working toilets.

The Grand Canyon wasn’t all mind numbing fun, I was also pleased to be immersed in a vast array of knowledge ranging from geological history to the introduction of an invasive salt-seeder plant, to the ancient Americans that used to call the Grand Canyon their home. The Grand Canyon is one of the worlds’ most prominent sources for geological history because it openly shows dozens of different layers of sedimentary, and metamorphic rock that has aided in the advancement of the field of geology. Second, was the vast and amazing ecosystem in which I was able to see osprey catching fish, and cactus flowers blooming. Finally, I was able to learn, and see many different early American artifacts like hand prints on the walls and a granary built into the side of the canyon. All-in-all my trip was more than just fun and games it offered a bundle of interesting knowledge.

Of course all of the amazing sights I saw, such as the Little Colorado’s beautiful turquoise color, or the sea of stars at night, wouldn’t be made possible without my guides. The food they prepared for us was scrumptious to no end, and their in-sight and knowledge of the Grand Canyon was unrivaled. Woody, Newdy, and Johnny, were amazing in helping our party indulge ourselves in the amazing beauty of the Grand Canyon.  

Kennth – MO
Arizona – Grand Canyon 6 / 7 Day Trip

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