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Grand Canyon Family Bonding

My whole family went on a 7day rafting trip down the Grand Canyon. It was an experience of a life time and something none of us will ever forget.

When you start at mile 0 you're amazed by the beauty and excited about the adventure your starting. You are disconnected from the world, no cell phone or social media, its the first time I have ever been able to relax and not worry in a very long time.

The first night everyone is setting up tents to sleep in, by night three everyone has forgotten the hassle of the tent and decides to sleep in their cot under the stars, the best sleep I have ever had. It's so peaceful it's unexplainable. You never know what time of day it is, or what day it is at that. You know you wake up when sun rises and go to bed at sunset, that's all you need to know. You know what day it is by number, not by name and what night by what you had for dinner that night.

You get to see and experience things that you only thought were in movies. You learn how to have a conversation again, instead of always being on your phone, and you get to know who people are.

My boyfriend and I decided we want to spend our honeymoon rafting down the Grand Canyon again someday.

After the trip is over you are almost depressed. You have to go back into reality and its very hard to get back in the groove of life again. Me personally- I wish I was in a different time when all this technology did not exist because life was more enjoyable then. I made some personal changes after this trip, and I have learned to leave the cell phone behind, not spend my free time watching TV, instead outside enjoying nature or creating something.

I feel everyone needs to take this trip at least once in their life time. It is worth every second and breath!

Pyper Braly – Lyons, CO

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