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Breathtaking – Cataract Canyon

Cataract Canyon Rafting Trip - View into Canyonlands National Park
How do you explain a trip like this? I was on a rafting trip with my “family” of the summer. This included 42 amazing “leadership trainees.” We spent all summer learning what it was to be a leader. The trip was to be the pinnacle of the summer. Everything lead up to this trip – the trip that they had heard about for years from their friends and family. We jump on the raft and less than an hour into our being on the boat we round the bend, and THIS is what we see. Nothing else could have been more beautiful or more breathtaking. When I think of the Cataract Canyon rafting trip and the beautiful scenery that I was able to see THIS is the picture that is always drawn to my mind.

Halley Juenger

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