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Calm before the Storm – Grand Canyon Rafting Trip

Reflecting on the Grand Canyon 3 Day trip

Although there was not much time for lounging on this trip, between interacting with my 13 family members, goofing around with the guides (and other boat), setting up camp, eating, riding rapids, ect….I did find a few moments of relaxation during one of the flat parts of the Colorado River. This trip was such an unbeliavable experience. Sunsets, sunrises, windstorms, sandstorms, flips off of the Pumpkin into the chilly water, sleeping under the stars, the list could go on and on. It felt good to sit back and reflect on where we really were. The history and the stories that those Canyon Walls could tell are unimaginable. Thanks mom for the ‘Trip of a Lifetime!’

John Murrow

Finding moments of reflection are vital to the soul; finding the right shoes are vital to the soles.
Learn more about rafting on a Grand Canyon Rafting Trip, and learn where to find the right shoes too!

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