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Cameras and photo sharing after River Trip

Many of our guests ask about the type of camera we recommend to bring on your Grand Canyon/Colorado River whitewater rafting tour.

We recommend a waterproof digital camera with extra batteries and memory cards.  After your rafting tour we will send you an email with information on photo-sharing opportunities with other guests on your trip.  You will be given access information to that program so it’s very important that we have your accurate email address.  You will find the email address on your confirmation under the box in the right-hand corner.  We are happy to send that information to all guests on your reservation that have different emails as well.  You should provide that information on the Acknowledgment of Risk Form you fill out and return to us.

If you do not have a waterproof digital camera we encourage you to bring what you have.  The guides on your Colorado River rafting tour will give you adequate warning when cameras should be put away so they won’t be damaged by big splashes.  You will have the opportunity to go on several side-canyon and waterfall hikes and can get your camera out to capture that beautiful scenery and the memories you are making.

Have a great trip,
Sandy Harmer
Grand Canyon Reservations Manager

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