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Camping in the Grand Canyon

Serene Moment in Grand Canyon

One of the things that really stood out to me about the Grand Canyon River Trip were the campsites.

During the day, cruising the river, it's epic. There is so much to take in, something I have never seen around every corner. I kept taking pictures and making mental notes to remember this spot but that became a futile effort when you're amazed constantly.

At camp each night you finally got the chance to actually sit back and take in the moment and really check out the Grand Canyon from that perspective. With the towering walls all around you and skies filled with more stars than should be allowed, you really feel how small you really are.

This picture is from our day 3 campsite. Most slept in tents, I preferred to just sleep under the stars on a cot. Since I was a little away from the crowd that night I got a visit from a Ring Tailed Cat who timidly walked right through my area that night. It was cool!

I did the 6 day Grand Canyon trip and plan to go back and at least do the 3 day trip so I can see all of the Grand Canyon. Actually why not just signup for the the 7 day trip and the 3 day trip and do it all at once?!

Yea, that's what I am going to do.

Lee Sheffer – Houston, TX

Make a Plan to See the Grand Canyon All the Way Through!

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