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Colorado River May 15, 2012 Grand Canyon 6 Day Whitewater Rafting

This Grand Canyon whitewater rafting trip was great. The whole group jelled together after one day and the whole the trip was a pure pleasure.

We had clear water in both the main channel and Little Colorado and the rapids were all running very nicely. We all rotated around the various positions on the raft and I think we all had our fill of cold water slaps in the face by the end – but it took until the last rapids of the last morning to do so.

Hope Craig, Gracie, Parker and JD enjoy the left over beer and wine – we understand it goes to the guide's Christmas party.

I would offer one hint before going to help get ready for the experience. Get your teenage son or grandson and a few of his friends. Dress them in white shirts and bow ties. Then practice having them run get toilet paper for you upon request. After you enjoy that, practice having them serve you appetizers at the beach. This pre-trip practice on your part will make the trip go more smoothly!

The entire process from booking to our return to Las Vegas has handled very professionally, concisely and timely. Western River does a great job.

Arizona – Grand Canyon 6 Day Trip

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