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Colorado River through the Grand Canyon experiencing the majestic display of power and beauty

The trip down the Colorado river reflects our life story.  We begin with a peaceful float down the river enjoying the beauty of the canyon walls then suddenly we are hit with change. In a moment you are sucking rubber and holding tight as the fury of the white water rapids shows it mighty power and tosses you about. You hold on, survive and then once again it is peaceful and quiet. You take a side trip up a cliff or into a side canyon and once again you are in awe as you come upon a cool pool of deep water, you dive in and your body is pounded by the force of a gushing waterfall. Every turn you see the creative beauty and power of our God. At night you rest knowing that at all times, through the quiet waters or the rapids you were safely in the hands of the creator of this magnificent display of power and beauty.

Grand Canyon 6 & 7 Day

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