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Comfort Zone

Think about your daily nine to five. Day in and day out, do you find yourself set in a routine? Getting the same cup of to-go coffee from the same shop and barista every morning? Are you constantly checking your Instagram and Facebook feeds and finding pictures of your friends on exotic trips with happy smiles? Are you often unhappy and can’t pinpoint the cause? You know it’s got to be bigger than the drink you spilled or the train you missed that morning. Maybe it’s simpler than that. Maybe you just often doubt yourself, or procrastinate. You make loose plans “if” or “when” to go somewhere sometime. You can’t even remember the last time you tried something new. You accept being bored because of your fear of leaving the known. Why would you even try something if you could totally fail? These are all tell-tale signs of someone stuck in a rut — and in your case that rut is a Comfort Zone. Merriam Webster defines a comfort zone as the level at which one functions with ease and familiarity. Luckily we know how to help you out of it.

Today the world is so competitive and fast moving that we see stress as a very bad thing. But there actually is a good type of stress – the kind that pushes us to act and grow. It’s hard to let go of our patterns and there is nothing wrong with that! At least until you begin to hold yourself back and stop challenging yourself; never learning or changing. We don’t have to constantly push our boundaries and follow reckless, spontaneous pursuits, but trying new things can actually help us accomplish goals and be more creative! Think of it as that long absent childish curiosity. Now, making you realize you’re sitting in your comfort zone doesn’t mean I want you to go try paragliding. Definitely don’t overextend your capabilities! But for many of you reading this, you’ll find that white water rafting is the answer you seek. At Western River Expeditions, we have options for you to try out a small section of mild water or go on a thrill-seeking, adrenaline-raising trip of a lifetime. If you decide that a river rafting trip is needed to get you out of your rut, we’d be happy to help you get in touch with that childlike curiosity and sense of adventure again!

Jamie Keller

"I'm Jamie! I'm a Utah-born and raised daughter of two former Western guides working alongside my parents in preparation for my own career as an outdoors-woman. I’m in my senior year of high school and nearing graduating and guiding, looking forward to future adventures and river trips with and without my parents!"

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