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Concern about temperatures in Grand Canyon

We just had a concerned guest write on our Facebook wall the following comment:

"I’m going on the 6 day Grand Canyon Rafting trip next Wednesday and just looked at the temps. Is it really getting down into the 30s at night? I just want to make sure that I’m prepared if it is. That seems kind of crazy for May."

Here’s the answer I gave her.

You are probably looking at the temperatures up on the rim of the Grand Canyon. There is a significant difference in elevation between the river and the rim.
Go here to  find a much more accurate weather link for the river.

Be sure to look at the temperatures for ‘along the Colorado River’.  If they say 80s then you can expect about a 25-30 degree drop at night.  You will be receiving a heavier-weight sleeping bag for the spring trips and with your tent you should be very comfortable.  It has been cooler this spring than normal so bring along a heavier-weight fleece  so that you can put that on at night as well if you need it.

You will have a wonderful trip and our Colorado River Guides will take great care of you.

Have a great trip.
Sandy – Grand Canyon Reservations Manager

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