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Cool Down Under the Waterfall – Family Grand Canyon Trip

Grand Canyon Waterfall

Traveling with Western River was the best vacation ever – and we have travelled a lot. I don’t write about the amazing scenery because it cannot be expressed in words. On the boat you could choose different levels of excitement (from easy up to wild and wet, which everybody on the boat tried to become refreshed),and the crew was always extremely friendly and helpful. We did different land trips and where educated on rock paintings, plants and different rock formations the whole trip. One of our best experiences was to climb up a little hill (safely on a rope), at temperatures around 100 degrees F. and our guide surprised us with a great water fall under which we could take a refreshing shower- that’s the picture. There is one little thing I have to tell you: The food! You may be would not believe me if I would tell you, that we had at the 3rd day in the middle of nowhere a great steak with fresh salad and other great things for dinner. And we woke up every morning from the smell of a good strong John Wayne coffee (there was a lighter version of coffee and tea as well). By the way, the fresh food came from the tons of ice which was stored on the bottom of the boat. We will never forget this amazing trip. Thank you so much!

The Ruge Family
Grand Canyon Family Vacation

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