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Early Morning on the Colorado River – Boy Scout Grand Canyon Trip

Colorado River in the Morning

This is the last morning on the river. Enjoy the view from our raft. The Grand Canyon is my favorite place in the whole world. I have been to the top and have hiked rim to rim. But, this view was different. I took a group of young boy scouts on this particular trip and they all believe that I am the biggest chicken there is. I rode in the chicken coop almost the entire time! But, I had the greatest time and watched these young men grow to be more self-reliate and mature on this trip. On the last day, (when I was sure that we had no more rapids to go through), I agreed to ride upfront with them! They were excited and they seem to take great pleasure in getting me to "push" myself to do more than I may admit to be willing to do. That is the best part, I am really not a chicken and have been looking forward to this trip for years! But, they think that they have won by getting me to accept and move past my "fears". Huh, a little reverse psychology? Anyway the boys have "pushed" me to try new things and each and every one of them has bragged about the trip and how wonderful it was. I will definatley have to plan another trip!!! This was definately a wonderful success!!!!

Marian Walters
Group Rafting Trips

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