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Ecstasy to Tragedy After Grand Canyon Adventure

September 2001 found us on the three day Western River Grand Canyon excursion. Our raft was mostly made up of a retirement party from Anderson Consulting, a split from Arthur Anderson. The venture culminated in a transfer to an airboat across Lake Mead. At the boat dock a bus met us. The guides whispered to the bus driver who gathered us to relate the tragedy of 9-11, as it had just unfolded. We got on the bus somberly listening to the radio announcer’s visceral coverage. Hoover Dam, being closed cause the trip to expand to six hours. The ecstasy of the rafting turned to one of depression.

Yet, thirteen years later we are ready to regain the awesomeness of the Canyon with a 6 Day Grand Canyon adventure, only this time my 13-year-old grandson will join. So, May 2014 we are looking forward to the trip of a life time!

Charlie Vanden Heuvel – Hood River, OR

Guest Blogger

Various guests of Western River took the time to share their thoughts with us both before and after their journey.

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