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Exciting and Exhilarating Adventure in the Grand Canyon

This past week five of us from the Boston area completed a seven day white water trip in the Grand Canyon with Western River Expeditions.  Our entire party could not have been more pleased with the trip.  It was an exciting and exhilarating adventure!  And it was made so by the outstanding efforts of our guides, led by the very talented Ronnie Haymond (designer and owner of a monogrammed steel beer can compressor unit: ingenious) and her equally talented swamper, John.  Everything, including the weather, the water (brr), the scenery, and especially the food was outstanding.  We never ceased to be amazed with perfectly cooked steaks, eggs to order, and eggs benedict for breakfast.  And, wonder of wonders, after four days on the Colorado River, Bananas Foster with ice cream for dessert!!  In any event, thank you for providing us with the trip of a lifetime.

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