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First Aid Kits carried on Grand Canyon Whitewater Tours

I had a group inquire about the first aid kits that Western River carries on the j-rigs for the Grand Canyon Colorado River whitewater rafting tours.  I passed on the inquiry to our operations manager and here is his reply.

"Our wilderness first aid kits are carefully compiled based on the protocols we establish for our EMT’s and Wilderness First Responders. Our in-house RN and our advising physician are also part of the decision process of what products are applicable for this specific environment and give consideration to the different levels of responses available and space available on the raft.

Anything more than (and often including) use of what we carry would likely require an evacuation.

We carry ample supplies of everything we need for all situations, barring personal prescription meds."

If a medical evacuation is necessary then the guides have satellite phones on the rafts and can contact the Park Rangers for a helicopter evacuation.

Western River Expeditions offers the best white water rafting tours in the Grand Canyon.  We offer the 187 mile 6 or 7-day tour or the shorter 3-day tour on the lower 100 miles.   These trips can be great family adventures as well as a great vacation for couples or guests traveling solo.

Rafting in Grand Canyon is now on most people’s "bucket List" and Western River is happy to be able to take so many guests on the Colorado River to fulfill this dream.

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