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Grand Canyon 3 Day Adventure everyone should experience at least once.

Relaxing on a Grand Canyon Rafting Adventure
The adventure begins in the morning meeting the fellow rafters. Soon after, its an exciting and beautiful flight into the Grand Canyon. The plane is slowly decending into the canyon landing on a single gravel runway in seemingly the middle of nowhere. Already you cant believe the beauty and serenity of the canyon.

Just a 2 minute bus ride brings you to the Bar 10 Ranch up the hill where you board a helecopter. The helecopter takes 3 people across a flat section of the canyon until the pilot clears the edge of a 2000 foot cliff and banks left and down. "WOW" may not be the only words passing your lips. The very experienced pilot navigates up river landing on a small clearing next to the water. As we gathered our senses, it was a collective "THAT WAS AWSOME" and we haven’t even boarded the raft yet.

The guides give us our instrucions and get us underway. The rafting on the Colorado River is calm and we are getting to know the fellow rafters and the wide variety of each others lives. The guides’ knowledge of the Grand Canyon and experience of the river was incredible. This was a great comfort as we entered our first set of large rapids. Loud cheering with waves splashing over the bow made us all feel about 16 years old again and made everyone on the raft quickly bond as a team and as new friends.

Each day we would wake to the smell of coffee and an incredible large home cooked breakfast . Lunch on the river was equally perfect and always took place where you could hike and explore. When you hike and climb into a dark cave to find that the light in the distance is from a whole in the ceiling of the cave with a 40 foot tall waterfall coming down out of the light….you have to see it to believe it!

Sleeping under the stars next to the roaring river. The trip for me and my dad will be difficult for us to top. The Grand Canyon itself is the star of the show but the expert Western River guides were what made the trip seemless, safe and totally satisfying. And boy can they cook. Thank You for a perfect experience.

Ray Lockett

Feel like 16 again, without all the akwardness and hormones…
Join Western River Expeditions on a incredible Grand Canyon Adventure

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