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Grand Canyon/Colorado River Rafting Trip

We just sent out an email to our past guests to go to a Travel & Leisure website to vote for Western River Expeditions as the world’s best tour operator.  We have received numerous responses from many of our guests that not only did they vote for Western River, they also have great memories of the trip they experienced with us.  Here’s a sample:
I voted for Western River and added some great comments.  There is a good chance that I will be back again in 2012.  My Grand Canyon whitewater rafting tour a few years ago was probably the most enjoyable five days I have experienced since being a kid.  I have passed along Western River Expeditions’ information to numerous
friends and acquaintances since my trip and will continue to do so as every outdoors person should experience the Colorado River and the Grand Canyon.
Looking forward to another excursion in the near future.


White Water Rafting Colorado River

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