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Grand Canyon/Colorado River Whitewater Rafting Trip for Groups

Thank you for contacting us.  We would love to have your group with us on the Grand Canyon 6-day whitewater rafting tour (upper 187 miles- Lees Ferry to the helicopter exit at Whitmore Wash).  Here is a trip summary link from our website.  The deposit is $300 per person with final payment due 90 days prior to trip departure.

If you are driving to meet the trip the 2011 fare is $2552.95 meeting in Marble Canyon, AZ.  If you need the flight out of Las Vegas the total fare is $2787.95 per person.  The price includes wonderful side-canyon hikes and waterfall visits that are only accessible from the river.  The guides cook all the meals – and they are wonderful, deluxe meals.  We include all the necessary camping equipment including cots.   The trip is run in our famous j-rig raft that only Western River has. Here’s a link to see the raft with its multiple seating options.

Here’s also a great link to "Why Travel With Western River Expeditions".

I would love to help you with your group. Give us a call.  You can either make the $300 deposit for all or we can hold space for your parties to call in with own deposit.

Sandy – Grand Canyon Reservation Manager

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