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Guitar Hoopin’ in the Grand Canyon

Hula Hooping while playing guitar in the Grand Canyon
Exiting the Grand Canyon on the 3rd day is a very mellow float towards the entrance to Lake Mead. But there was never a dull moment on the "Party Boat". We discovered that our first mate, Shad, would pretty much try anything we challenged him to do. Our skipper, Kelly, was never without her Hoola Hoop. As we all tried to "hoop it" as we floated down the river, we challenged Shad to play the guitar, sing and hoola hoop simultaneously. While rockin’ out, the guitar hooked the hoop from below and on the upswing went over Shad’s head and into the river! Craig instinctively dove in and saved Kelly’s Hoola Hoop from being lost forever. The Grand Canyon 6-day trip is now on my bucket list.

Terry Gillette

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