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Health & Dietary Restrictions on our Whitewater Rafting Tours

This email was sent to a guest on a Grand Canyon Rafting Tour in response to their question regarding health and dietary restrictions for our whitewater tours.

When you make a reservation for one of our Colorado River Whitewater Rafting Tours we will send out an Acknowledgment of Risk and Information Form that you will need to complete and sign.  On that form we ask, "Are there any health or dietary restrictions we need to be aware of? 

We ask you to list any pre-existing conditions and medications that you will be taking while on your whitewater rafting tour.  This information will be kept confidential. 

It is important for us to have clear and complete information and full disclosure of any conditions, even minor ones, so that we can better manage your welfare in this challenging outdoor environment.

Sandy/Grand Canyon Reservation Manager
Western River Expeditions

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