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Helicoptering into the Grand Canyon

The easy way in and outGetting guests in and out of the Grand Canyon is half the fun with Western River. There are no roads at mile 188 where we end our 6 & 7 Day Grand Canyon trips — and begin our lower canyon 3 & 4 Day Grand Canyon whitewater rafting trips. No roads, no problem! A seven minute helicopter ride does the work that a dusty mule train used to do (in the earlier years). It took a lot longer than seven minutes back then!

One of our 3 Day Grand Canyon guests summed up their trip like this:
"Wow, what an adventure!  Even though it was only a short flight it was one of the highlight of the 3-day Grand Canyon rafting trip.
The guides were waiting for us and immediately we knew we were in capable hands.  After rafting 100 miles in the lower canyon we ended up on Lake Mead. We transferred (mid-river) to a faster jetboat once we got to the flat water of Lake Mead.  A motor coach ride took us back to Las Vegas – even got a view of the Hoover Dam! What a great amount of logistics it must take to get us safely through amazing wild country!"

Couldn’t have summed it up better myself!

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