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Hidden Waterfalls, Abundant Wildlife And A Starlite Night Sky

Grandcanyon toursIf you are one of those avid Colorado River rafters, then you may already know about our Grand Canyon white water rafting trips.

You’ll start your trip off with an overnight stay at Bar 10 Ranch on the Grand Canyon rim – including horseback riding and cowboy entertainment. After your ranch stay, your 3-day trip through the lower reach of the Grand Canyon will begin. 

You’ll experience a spectacular helicopter ride down to the Colorado River. On this section of the Grand Canyon, the Colorado River’s famous whitewater, though still exciting, is a bit tamer and the scenery is astounding. Massive sandstone cliffs will leave you in awe. Hidden waterfalls and pools carve their way down to the river.

Wildlife is abundant – you’ll see the elusive Blue Heron, soaring eagles, and majestic Big Horn sheep. At night, the walls unveil a beautiful night sky full of stars.

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