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I’ve gotta get out of this place! HELP me get to Cataract Canyon!!

Looking for the sun in Oregon

This picture highlights what I step out my back door to eight months out of EVERY year. I live in the rainiest part of northwest Oregon in the Willamette Valley. The brief glimpses of sun we get SOME summers is so filled with allergens no one can go outside without suffering the effects. Our lakes, rivers and ocean are all ice cold even in August. Truth be told I’ve not been on one of your trips, but I have been rafting in the frigid waters Oregon provides!

The Cataract Canyon trip is in the top three trips on my bucket list – sitting next to Europe and Australia so that should say something. Please help me see the sun again. Help me go outside without sneezing and help me experience water of a manageable temperature. I yearn to feel the exhilaration of rapids in dry heat! Help me Western River Expeditions, you’re my only hope!

Dianna – Salem, Oregon (rainy Willamette Valley)

Yearning for a Cataract Canyon Rafting Vacation?


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