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Looking for Real Canyons, Not Urban Canyons… a Grand Canyon Vacation

Urban Canyons vs. Real Grand Canyons

Well, I didn't upload a video, but rather a link to a large-scale panorama I did a few years ago of my home town, New York City. It's an image that captures, at night, the kind of urban canyons that I know far too well.

I left there many years ago for the love of a woman, my wife of almost 25 years and the mother of my two grown daughters, and live in Germany near Frankfurt.

We're heading this summer for a Grand Canyon vacation with Western River on a Grand Canyon 3 Day Trip. We chose Western River because of their great reputation and because their schedule fit our schedule perfectly: we will be celebrating our 25th wedding anniversary on the Colorado River deep inside the Grand Canyon. It's not the first time we've been there, but the other times we were with young children and while both the North and South Rims have their vistas and beauties, we're looking forward to getting to the bottom of things. I did the famous walk up and down in a day from the South Rim when I was a mere lad of 15 and know for sure that I can't do it today. For us, Western River had the perfect package so that my wife can see what I've seen.

I'd love to take the same kind of panoramas down in the Canyon, but the logistics of that would distract severely from the trip, and I have no intention of imposing on the other participants for those three special days. Maybe one day…but this time, it's more about 25 years of being together and not about taking photos.

We are looking forward to our trip this summer!

John F.  – Oberursel, Germany

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