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Love Between a Mother & Son Renewed (note no Dad) – Cataract Canyon, Utah

Bonding Moment in Cataract Canyon

My 10 year and I chose this Cataract Canyon 4 DayTrip (over Disney World) because at the time seemed like a great boys adventure. (Kevin has no Dad and I try my hardest to do MAN things with him but of course
that can not be totally achieved).

Well let me tell you for 4 days my son had many dads, Moms, brothers and sisters! It was just about nature and historic sites, it was about bonding: Bonding with people on the trip. Bonding with his mother. Making new Friends learning about what the United States has to offer. Kevin, my son, now has the drive to work hard and see more new places and new people.

The river and the people on our trip were fabulous!!! The Guides took my son because as a 53 yr old mother I could not do a lot of the activities because of poor heath. They took my son under their wings and gave my son Kevin the trip of a lifetime. Because of my salary I do not see being able to do a trip again. Heck I am still paying for the trip from Aug 2013. But to go again would be a dream my son would love to come TRUE!!!!!

Love is the Title and Love is the reason I am writing this!!!

Michele & Kevin – Maryland

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