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Moab Rafting Trips

As the end of June draws near I’ve been reflecting on a great trip that I took last year in Moab, Utah on the Colorado River.  The Moab Adventure Center has teamed with  Susan G Komen for the Cure and has a special "Raft for the Cure" adventure that they have been doing for several years.  I was able to participate last year and it was great.  It’s a full day of rafting, food and great fun.  They stop at Red Cliffs Lodge along the river banks for a delicious riverside lunch.  Then in the evening they have a BBQ dinner, and free Live Concert and auction giveaways.

I got to meet several women that were on the rafting trip because they had had breast cancer and several that were there in honor of someone they had lost to breast cancer.  It was very moving to see all of the emotion involved with these women.  They were some of the most special Colorado River Rafters I’ve ever met.

The 2010 Raft for the Cure is scheduled for June 26, 2010.  You can call the Moab Adventure Center at 1-888-622-4097 to make your reservation or you can register online at   The price is $100 for adults and $85 for youth under 16.  It’s a great event and for such a great cause. 

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