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Moab Utah Adventure

Last year over the Memorial Day Weekend my husband and I had a Moab Utah Adventure we will never forget.  All the good memories were brought back in my mind as I discussed all the activities Moab, Utah has to offer with one of our Western River Expedtions’ guests that has booked a Green River Trip for his family.

We drove our own car to Moab but then rented a jeep from Canyonlands Jeep Rental and explored several of the four-wheel drive trails in Moab’s red rock country.  Our two favorites were Gemini Bridges and Onion Creek.  We also took a Hummer Safari and did a wonderful guided hike into Arches National Park’s Fiery Furnace.  The hike twists and turns among maze-like orange-tan fins, towers, spires and arches.  It was fantastic and I always recommend it to anyone traveling to Moab, Utah.

The next time we go for a Moab Utah Adventure we want to do the Canyoneering Adventure in Ephedra’s Grotto and the new Hot Air Balloon Adventure. 

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